Woman describes IMPD chase that drove through her front yard

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A wild police chase involving a large number of IMPD vehicles leads to shots fired and two people behind bars.

Kaylen Laroche, 29, and Brittanie Nickless, 24, are facing charges for robbery and resisting law enforcement after leading police on a nearly five-mile chase.

The pursuit started as police were on the lookout for a stolen pickup truck. They soon found that pickup truck spinning tires in a parking lot. When they pulled up, the truck sped off.

The truck pulled onto a dead-end street and backed up into Kaylee Wright's backyard. She had just walked outside moments ago.

“I was like ‘Uhh lets go inside,'" Wright recalled as she saw a female officer walk towards the pickup truck. "I saw she had her gun drawn, and as fast as I could say that, she started shooting.”

The officer was approaching the car as the driver tried to pull out of the yard. Fearing for her life, she fired a number of shots.

“He (Laroche) was trying to get out of the ditch, and she (officer) kinda walked up to him," Wright described. "When she walked up to him, he started revving his engine up more, and I think it scared her because it did kind of look like he was coming at her.”

According to police, the shots hit the car but did not hit the suspects. The tires sprayed Wright's house with mud as she huddled with her kids inside.

“They were scared," Wright said. "Hunter, my 1-year-old, he was crying."

After struggling to move, the car took off. The chase eventually made its way down US 31 as a parade of police cars followed. It finally came to a stop near the Greenwood Mall where police arrested Laroche and Nickless. IMPD also confirmed that a third person was in the vehicle and ran off during the chase. Investigators do not know who the person is, but do not believe they are involved in the robbery of the pickup.

“Yeah luckily it’s just mud and not bullets or anything else,” Wright said as she looked at her house.

Even though Wright's home and yard are a mess, she’s happy this scary scene in front of her home didn’t end in tragedy.

"I am beyond thankful that me, my neighbors, the officers, everyone was alright,” Wright said.

This pursuit comes as IMPD is training officers on a new pursuit policy that was finalized in June 2019. The department says they will not comment on the specifics of that policy until the training is complete.

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