Woman credits God and gravity with saving her from gunman’s bullets


INDIANAPOLIS — Miranda Bronough and her sister were westbound on 62nd Street approaching Cooper Road late in the afternoon of May 29 when they saw an SUV approaching them from the other direction.

“We notice a gentleman in a green truck coming towards us and he blows the stop sign,” she recalls. “We realize that he has his hand out the window with the firearm pointed at our windshield.

“We hear three or four shots. My sister’s car starts smoking and he’s down the road…and we realize we had just been shot at.”

IMPD said that gunman — identified as Keith Laroy Allender Jr. — had just allegedly shot a neighbor before speeding away and firing at three vehicles on West 62nd Street, shooting at officers who tried to pull him over on Michigan Road and then trading gunfire with at least five other officers where he managed to wound one before he was ultimately brought down in a hail of bullets.

Allender and the wounded officer both survived their injuries.

“There were plenty of bullets in my sister’s car…. when you opened up the hood, you could find fragments of (them),” said Bronough. “It’s gonna need a whole new engine.”

A photo of a bullet fragment found in the car

Bronough considers herself and her sister survivors of a mass shooting spree which left one of Allender’s neighbors injured.

“There was children involved,” she said. “There was a three-year-old and a six-year-old witnessing their dad being shot.”

Since 5 p.m. Friday, Fox 59 News has counted at least nine people in Indianapolis who have survived their gunshot wounds.

Four victims did not.

“As sure as you’re sitting here today, and I still think about him, I still see the same image clear and I’m probably gonna see that image in my brain from here on out,” said Bronough. “I see a lot of movies and I heard a lot about people being shot at, but it’s a whole other thing when somebody’s shooting at you.”

Bronough credits her survival to God and the heft of the drum magazine attached to Allender’s pistol which weighed down the gun and kept the bullets aimed at the radiator of her sister’s car and not the windshield.

Laura Peeler said she is “praying” that her car insurance will pay for the bullet riddled engine.

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