Woman attacked, beaten by home intruder after church choir practice

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4 Fast Facts

  • Woman in Hamilton County returned home to find masked man in her bedroom
  • She fought back against the man but lost consciousness after he strangled her
  • Burglary happened Saturday around 9 p.m. at home east of Noblesville
  • Man took electronics and cash, police said

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (Feb. 16, 2016)– A Hamilton county woman was attacked inside her own home. The victim had just returned home from church choir practice when she came face to face with an intruder over the weekend.

The victim truly had to fight for her life.

“When I tried to take his mask off, he punched me in my face,” said the victim, Rosa Pineda.

Pineda recalls the struggle with a masked intruder that left her arms and body covered in bruises, her eyes blackened.

“He’s a man. He’s more strong, but I was still fighting,” said Pineda.

During the fight, she says the suspect even tried to strangle her with an electric cord.

Pineda had just returned home minutes earlier.

She says she set her bible on her bed, turned and saw the thief and started yelling.

“I said ‘Who are you? What do you want?’ He didn’t say anything. He just attacked me,” said Pineda.

“Anytime someone is victimized in their own home, that’s a big concern for us,” said Hamilton county sheriff Mark Bowen.

Sheriff Bowen says right now the break-in at the home appears to be an isolated incident.

It’s possible the suspect followed the victim home.

“We’ve not had other reports of this activity, but we want people to be aware,” said Bowen.

“I’m scared about me and my kid,” said Pineda.

The suspect grabbed her computer, cell phone and some cash before running out of the house.

Despite being knocked to the ground unconscious, she knows things could have been much worse.

“I said a thank you to God because he protected me. I’m still alive,” said Pineda.

The victim says she’s so afraid of what happened, she’s sleeping with a metal bat in her bed.

So far no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department at (317) 773-1282.

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