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STURGEON BAY, Wis. – A father in Wisconsin is getting a lot of attention for “breastfeeding” his daughter.

Maxamillian and April Neubauer are proud new parents to baby Rosalia. April told WBAY she suffers from hormonal disorder PCOS, so the fact that she was even able to get pregnant is a miracle.

April’s plan was always to breastfeed their daughter. But while she was giving birth, the sweet moment quickly turned scary.

“They broke my water and I was 9.5 dilated, and then I had a seizure,” April told WBAY. She had several more seizures before baby Rosalia was born via C-section. She was immediately transported to the ICU afterwards.

Since April was in no condition to breastfeed their daughter, Maxamillian stepped up to the plate. The nurses created a supplemental nursing system so Maxamillian could mimic breastfeeding.

Rosalia latched to the fake nipple and had her first breastfed meal thanks to dad.

They posted a photo of the sweet moment on Facebook, and it’s been shared almost 30,000 times.