White supremacist literature found in in 2 central Indiana communities linked to people out of the state

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ind. – White supremacist literature has been distributed in two central Indiana communities and now the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is getting involved.

After receiving dozens of complaints, police in Spencer and Bedford say they identified the people responsible for leaving the material in driveways.

Lawrence County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Bob Cline says the people going around leaving this material are protected by the First Amendment, but the racist flyers could lead to charges being filed.

 It was just last week when Bedford police officers found about 15 plastic bags containing a rock and a single piece of paper, with white supremacist literature on them in driveways.

 Some of the flyers had the words “white power” on them and a swastika.

"My opinion is they are idiots," Lawrence County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Bob Cline said.

 The same flyers showed up in Spencer, too.

 Spencer police located a vehicle in connection to the flyers and it was registered in Missouri.

Police say the female occupant was from Texas and the two male passengers declined to identify themselves.

"They’re driving from whatever state through spreading this and throwing these out and moving on. There’s no proof they are targeting a particular individual for intimidation or harassment," Cline said.

Cline says if they were harassing someone based on their race, religion, or sexual orientation; they could be charged.

"I saw on social media where some people thought that they could be charged with littering and interestingly enough I’ve went down that path before," Cline said.

 Cline has history with flyers like these. He says when he worked in a different county he took the KKK to court over flyers and lost the case.

 He says they're protected by the first amendment.

"I have a biracial child. I have children that are other races and so I’m not real pleased with this but that doesn’t mean I can’t follow the law. I have to follow the law," Cline said.

 He says the vast majority of people are good but there are a few bad seeds.

"These idiots had to travel out of state to get here. They aren’t worth a thought of your time," Cline said.

The FBI has offered up their assistance to both police agencies if needed.

Tomorrow a prayer protest is happening at the Lawrence County Courthouse at 1 p.m. to speak out against the flyers.

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