While you were sleeping: Coronavirus updates for June 29


INDIANAPOLIS — There were several developments in the coronavirus pandemic that you may have missed overnight.

Here’s a look:

Weeks after most U.S. states began lifting their lockdowns, parts of the country are clamping down on renewed restrictions hoping to slow staggering surges in new case numbers.

With July 4 approaching, officials are trying not to repeat scenes of Memorial Day, when thousands across the country flocked to beaches, bars and parties while experts cautioned the crowds could lead to spikes in cases down the road. At least 12 states have hit a pause on their reopening plans hoping to contain the spread.

In Texas and parts of California, bars were directed to close back down while beaches in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach were ordered off-limits to the public during the upcoming holiday weekend. In Florida, on-premise alcohol consumption was suspended in bars statewide.

The world surpassed two sobering coronavirus milestones Sunday — 500,000 confirmed deaths, 10 million confirmed cases — and hit another high mark for daily new infections as governments that attempted reopenings continued to backtrack and warn that worse news could be yet to come.

The U.S. handling of the outbreak has drawn concern from abroad. The European Union seems almost certain to bar Americans from traveling to the bloc in the short term as it draws up new travel rules to be announced shortly.

A woman in Florida says she’s happy to be alive after a long battle with the coronavirus that put her in a coma for six weeks.

She went to the doctor for what she thought was an asthma attack, but it turned out to be COVID-19.

“I hear so many people say it’s like a cold, it’s like a flu, it’s not,” Myers said. “My whole life changed over COVID-19, I’m here to tell you, the flu don’t do you like that.”

Myers said although it only felt like one night’s sleep, the six-week coma presented challenges she had never faced before.

She said she was unable to smell or taste or even talk. She said she lost feeling in her legs and thought one of her feet might need to be amputated from a pressure wound due to the coma. She was transferred from Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center to a hospital in Tallahassee, and then to a rehabilitation facility back in Panama City.

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