While you were sleeping: Coronavirus updates for July 10


INDIANAPOLIS — There were several developments in the coronavirus pandemic that you may have missed overnight.

A Fishers High School football player tested positive for the coronavirus, and now their summer practices are canceled for the rest of the week.

The school district says they have been following all IHSAA guidelines. Players have only been practicing in small groups, and administrators have been working with the the Fishers Health Department on response plans before the player tested positive.

Reps for the Fishers Health Department suggest players operate on the buddy system while at practice to minimize contact with other players.

Doctors at IU Health fear that sports may be too difficult to continue without a vaccine.

“Remember, 25-30% of people with COVID are either asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic when they are able to spread this, so just checking for fever when they get to the stadium doesn’t mean they aren’t infected,” Mary Kay Foster, manager of the special pathogens unit at IU Health said.

The Fishers Health Department suggests that anyone who came in contact with the player self-quarantine for 14 days.

College sports are going to look a lot different this fall.

The Big Ten announced on Thursday they will not play any non-conference games for the fall sports season.

A statement released yesterday said they will only play conference opponents.

The Big Ten says this plan will give them more flexibility as the coronavirus continues to spread.

The SEC, PAC-12, and ACC are all reportedly working on implementing the same plan.

Marion County is officially in stage 4.5 of reopening, and with that places like the Children’s Museum are reopening their doors. It opens to public on Saturday.

They’ve made some changes to keep people safe.

First thing, and probably the most important, is you need to make a reservation before you go to the museum. You can’t walk in whenever you want.

They are also reducing the amount of people that can be inside the museum at one time. Staff will keep the capacity 15 percent below their max.

Some of the more interactive exhibits–like playscape and tree of sports–are closed now, but for the ones that are open, they are cleaning them throughout the day.

Crews will even close down some of the displays for about 30 minutes throughout the day to clean and sanitize.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask, and the museum is asking that you bring your own mask.

Statistics in multiple states show an increase in COVID-19 cases predominantly from people in their 20s and 30s, and now doctors say they are also seeing different symptoms among their younger patients.

“Around the country, we’re seeing more young people come to medical care and often having to be admitted to the hospital,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an Infectious Disease professor at Vanderbilt University.

While fever was originally the first telltale sign of the novel coronavirus, now many don’t ever get one.

“The spectrum of symptoms continues to expand and so younger people often do come in now somewhat to our surprise without fever, and this abdominal pain seems to affect them a little bit more,” said Schaffner.

Other symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, loss of taste and smell, and severe headaches.

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