What you need to know for Southport police Lt. Aaron Allan’s funeral

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Southport Police Department Lt. Aaron Allan will be laid to rest Saturday afternoon at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Allan was fatally shot last Thursday while responding to the scene of a car crash in Homecroft. Police say Aaron was trying to help Jason Brown, the driver of the vehicle, when brown pulled out a gun and shot Allan 11 times. He’s been charged with murder.

Facts about Lt. Aaron Allan:

  • Lt. Allan was born in Great Falls, Montana and moved to Indianapolis when he was one year old.
  • He graduated from Decatur Central High School in 1997 and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. He was later medically discharged.

    Lieutenant Aaron Allan
  • In 2001, he was accepted as a civilian police volunteer with the Indianapolis Police Department.
  • In 2004, he served the same role for the Marion County Sheriff’s office.
  • In 2009, he became a school resource officer with the Indiana School for the deaf.
  • In 2011, he became a resource officer for Franklin Township Schools while working as a reserve officer with the Southport Police Department for 6 years.
  • Allan became the very first full-time paid officer for Southport police in January 2017. He also worked as an officer for the Indiana State Fair for ten years. He was scheduled to work at the fair this year as well.
  • He graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in the 191st class of 2011 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix, class of 2015.
  • He is survived by his wife Stacy and two sons: T.J. and Aaron Jr.
  • His awards include Southport Officer of the Year in 2015 and Live Saving Award in 2017.

Visitation was held Friday at the cemetery, where thousands payed their respects to the fallen officer.

Here is what you need to know for Saturday:

  • The lieutenant’s funeral will be held at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse. Services will start at 11 a.m.
  • The funeral will be followed by an interment at Crown Hill Cemetery. Allan will be buried in the heroes of public safety section.
  • Both services are open to the public.
  • CBS4 will carry a live stream of the services at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse and Crown Hill Cemetery, as well as the procession. You can watch these streams on CBS4Indy.com or on our Facebook page.
  • Police are encouraging Hoosiers to come out and line the procession route, which can be seen below. They will make a stop at the Southport Police Department for the “Final 10-42.”
  • Once inside of Crown Hill, Lt. Allan’s coffin will be transferred to a riderless, horse-drawn caisson.
  • A color team, pipers, and the honor guard will follow the caisson as they move towards the final resting place.
  • There will be a 21-gun salute, followed by Taps. The flag from the coffin will be ceremoniously folded by the honor guard and then presented to the family by Southport Police Chief Thomas Vaughn.
  • Honor guard will then followed by officers, who will remove the carnation from their badge and place them on top of the coffin before offering a final salute.
  • Note: Lt. Allan’s father, Jim Allan, was a founding member of the Indianapolis 500 Gordon Pipers. The group will have a significant presence and role in the graveside services.

Processional Route for Lt. Aaron Allan will be as follows – 7:00 a.m.:

  • From Crown Hill
  • South on Clarendon Road to East 38th Street.
  • East on 38th Street to Meridian Street and south on Meridian.
  • Meridian Street to North Street and east on North Street.
  • North Street to Pennsylvania Avenue and south on Pennsylvania Avenue
  • South on Pennsylvania Avenue to Bankers Life

Processional Route for Lt. Aaron Allan from Bankers Life to Crown Hill:

  • North on Pennsylvania from Bankers Life to Washington St.
  • West on Washington St. to Capitol Ave
  • South on Capitol Ave to McCarty
  • East on McCarty to Madison Ave
  • South on Madison Ave to Banta Ave
  • East on Banta Ave to Derbyshire Rd
  • South on Derbyshire to Southport Police Department, pause at Southport PD for 1042. Proceed south to Southport RD
  • West on Southport Rd to US31
  • North on US 31 to Delaware
  • North on Delaware to Michigan
  • West on Michigan to Illinois
  • North on Illinois to 34th St.
  • West on 34th Street to Graceland (Garrison Flag)
  • West on 34th to entrance to Crown Hill Cemetery

Donations for Lt. Allan’s family can be made online here or mailed to:

Indianapolis Police Foundation
1525 South Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN, 46203
(Reference the Lt. Aaron Allan Family Fund)

Donations may be made in person at:

Professional Police Officers Credit Union
1502 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN, 46201

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