What to eat in the hot weather

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With the summer heat kicking into high gear this weekend, now is a good time to take note of what foods will help you during the sweltering temperatures.

“We want to have lighter foods. Not real heavy foods. Meat can still be a good thing,” says Dr. William Lyden, a nutritionist with Michiana Wellness Clinic. “Fish is probably easier to digest than some of the other ones. And lots of vegetables and fruits. Things like that.”

Whenever you can, Dr. Lyden says avoid foods high in sugar. He recommends water for hydration.

“I prefer people drink purified water because it has fewer toxins. The other thing is looking at electrolytes. That’s very important. I don’t really like Gatorade because it is really high in sugar and salt,” says Dr. Lyden. Dr. Lyden says there are healthier choices, even for those who are not water dinkers.

“There is one called recharge. There are things like Emergen C, which is a vitamin c electrolyte kind of drink. I like products what contain some minerals in them so when we hydrate with minerals, it maintains the water.”

You should drink more than you are used to, during the heat. Most of all, Lyden  encourages people to keep an eye on symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

“If you feel fatigued, tired, parched, nauseous.   All of those things. Get out of the heat and go to a cool area,” says Dr. Lyden.

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