Officials offer explanation for bright green Henry County creek

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HENRY COUNTY, Ind. (Dec. 1, 2015) — Residents were concerned when a creek in Henry County turned a bright green color. Neon, highlighter green.

“That was not natural, there was nothing natural about that,” explains Brenda Cox, a concerned neighbor.

Cox and her husband were on a walk Monday morning when the two came across the fluorescent flowing creek.

“It is so peaceful back here, it’s beautiful, but when you see something like that it doesn’t just grab your attention, it startles you a little bit,” said Cox.

A day later the green color is gone, but Cox’s concerns are still there.

“My first reaction, I’m not going to lie was, ‘Oh my gosh, is this what’s causing so many problems with people in this area?’” said Cox.

For three months, state health officials investigated a possible cancer cluster in Henry County. Despite 26 cases of a rare form of brain cancer reported in 14 years, officials said it was not a cancer cluster.  Some of those cases are some of Cox’s close friends.

“On our road we’ve had so many cancer scares and people having cancer and it did concern me and I wanted someone to do something,” said Cox.

CBS4 sent Cox’s video to the state’s Department of Environmental Management. IDEM released this statement:

“Our staff believes the substance in the stream is probably marking dye used to detect leaks in pipes.  Many times it is used to detect leaks in a septic system.  If it is marking dye, it is safe for water quality. The only impact will be the color of the stream.”

Cox said since the cancer scare her family doesn’t take any chances– they only drink filtered water.  She wants the creek cleaned up for good.

At last check, there are no boil orders in effect for New Castle or Henry County.

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