Indianapolis has had high temperatures in the 70s for the past four days in a row. Now, a major weather pattern change is on the way. We’ll have a few showers this evening, ahead of a cold front, along with the chance for a couple of isolated thunderstorms. While not everyone will see rain tonight, it’s a good idea to have the rain gear with you.

This front will send temperatures to much cooler levels for the weekend. The warmest part of the day Saturday will be early in the morning with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. Afternoon temperatures Saturday will likely only rebound to the upper 50s and highs will be in 50s Sunday as well.

There will be a chance for a few spotty to widely scattered showers Saturday but the biggest impact from rain over the weekend will come Saturday night through Sunday. Sunday will be a rather soggy day with scattered showers throughout the day. If you’ll be headed to the Colts game, be sure to have the rain gear with you.

We stay in a colder weather pattern to close October and open November next week. Highs will be in the 40s and lows will be below freezing. A “Hard Freeze” occurs when the temperature falls to 28 degrees or lower and stays there for two hours or more. This officially ends the growing season and central Indiana will see it’s first hard freeze of the season Tuesday morning. Halloween is Tuesday and this will be the coldest Halloween in six years. Trick or treaters should dress for evening temperatures near 40 degrees. We could even get our first taste of wintry weather by Tuesday night. A few flurries will be possible overnight through Wednesday morning.

This will be a cool wet, weekend.

Up to an inch of rain is likely this weekend.

Temperatures will stay below average for the next four days and a hard freeze is likely next week.

This will be the coldest Halloween in six years.