West side thieves steal catalytic converters from ambulances

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – For emergency medical crews, every second counts—each heartbeat the difference between life and death.

Trans-Care has 32 ambulances in Indianapolis, with additional units in Terre Haute, Columbus and Vincennes.

And while those ambulances serve Indiana communities and rush to the scene as quickly as they can, they can’t go far without catalytic converters.

“What they’ve done to these ambulances could have an impact on someone’s life,” said John Thrasher with Trans-Care.

It appears thieves came in over a fence, rushed toward the ambulances and cut out catalytic converters at their west side facility.

So far, ten have been stolen companywide.

“The potential is there that the crew jumps in the truck to get ready to go on an emergency call and they realize their truck has been damaged and they can’t use it,” Thrasher said.

Replacing the parts means getting the ambulances to the repair shop in Terre Haute, costing thousands of dollars and taking away precious resources.

All so the thieves can get $40 to $50 to sell the catalytic converters—a crime clearly not worth the repercussions.

The company’s surveillance video captured two potential thieves operating during the first theft. Cameras captured only one thief the next time it happened.

Trans-Care said a neighbor also had their catalytic converter stolen recently. Since the thefts, the company has boosted safety measures on the property.

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