West side home burglarized, multiple loaded guns stolen

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Multiple loaded guns were stolen from a home on the city’s west side, and now police are trying to track down the person responsible.

Tricia Harden and her husband said they were away for the weekend when someone kicked down their bedroom door and stole a gun safe.

Harden felt uneasy on Tuesday because she said all four handguns inside the safe were loaded.

“My stomach dropped. There were sentimental things in there, things out on the street that should not be on the street,” she said.

She said a loaded rifle is also gone. It was on the top shelf of their closet. The couple claimed they were also planning to buy a safe for the rifle but now it is too late.

“Scary when it is out there where they could be in the hands of somebody that don’t know anything about them, don’t know what they can do,” Harden said.

The couple thinks someone had to drag the safe out of the back door. They locked their handguns in the safe and took the key with them when they were out of town. They thought that was enough.

“Anything that can be carried out by hand, it does not work,” she said.

Harden said her son’s baseball championship rings, social security number cards and birth certificates were also in there. More than anything, they want the guns back before someone gets hurt.

“It is fire proof and water proof,” she said. “We are hoping they can not get into it and just tossed it.”

The family is losing sleep over it. The husband, John, now stays on the couch at night to make Harden and their son feel safe. If you know anything about this case, give police a call.

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