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Healthplex has a new owner: Joan Servaas who happens to be the CEO of the Saturday evening post society. She is also the daughter of one time city county council president, Burt Servaas.  But she is the new boss at this well known west side gym.

“I grew up two miles from here,” says Servaas. “I remember when Lafayette square mall opened and my husband had his prom there. So, yes, west side is important to me.”

not only does she now own Healthplex, but 34 surrounding acres including the now empty Westview hospital, which will eventually be torn down.

“My father was on the board of Westview and I was on their foundation board. So I feel like I have a lot of roots in this area. It means a lot to me to continue to have some economic anchor here in this area.”

Joan isn’t new to the fitness club business. Her family has donated $100,000 dollars to the pike YMCA and their veteran outreach program. She sits on the board of the national institute of fitness and sport on the IUPUI campus.

Her goal is to mesh some of the programs supported by the Saturday evening post with the  Healthplex facility, especially those involving children and obesity, cancer and diabetes. She’d like to have a fitness camp for kids and will continue to support research.  She’ll be helped with all those projects and the running of the facility with a new hire: Adnan Hyder of California. One of his jobs will be tweeking the health assessment offered to all members.

“What it really does is identify limitations and ability and stability. It also identifies risk of injury and it allows us to create a four to six week customized program where you’re essentially getting the client to their goals without putting fitness on top of a dysfunctional movement,” says Hyder.

There will be changes in equipment at Healthplex. A new power plate is expected to be installed.  But the pools, tennis courts, basketball court and track will remain the same, as will many programs.

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