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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A west side family is asking the city to install guardrails near their home after a car smashed into their house overnight–and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

“The car went through here about 15 to 20 feet all the way into where the computer desk was,” said homeowner Tom Kestler.

The impact shook the home and woke up Kestler and his wife.

“My 4th of July started off with a bang,” said Kestler.

The couple was asleep, just feet away from where the car ended up.

“It went about 15 feet into the room,” said Kestler.

Police say the driver took off, leaving behind a massive hole. The driver was later arrested.

“She said it was the worst sound she has ever heard,” said Kestler.

Unfortunately, it’s a sound the Kestler’s know well.

“This is not the first time that the house has been damaged by a car hitting it or a car coming into the yard,” said Kestler.

According to police reports, at least two cars have crashed into the home in the 3000 block of Falcon Drive in just the past two years. Back in 2016, it was the same spot, just a different car.

“I’m at risk right here on this corner,” said Kestler.

Kestler says there have been at least a dozen other close calls and says he is putting in a formal request with the city to install guardrails near the property, which sits on the corner near 30th St.

“I do not want to move but I would like to get something done,” said Kestler.

The racing fanatic is all about driving fast and turning left but says that is for the track, not his yard. He is also working with legislators to fix the issue.

“I’m trying to change the law so if an uninsured motorist hits a house or a building or something that the insurance company pays the deductible,” said Kestler.

As contractors fix the damage, the homeowners say they are waiting to hear back from the city.