Weekend vandalism has downtown businesses cleaning up the broken pieces


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A flurry of vandalism at downtown businesses has owners cleaning up smashed windows and broken glass.

“They walked by, and just chucked the rock,” says Brandon Howard, CEO Higher Life Dispensary. “I know it’s just some window to him, but to me that’s an expense.”

Five businesses were hit in the 800 and 900 block of Delaware Street, as well as nearby Higher Life. Surveillance cameras caught a suspect walking by and throwing a rock through the store’s front window.

“We care about curbside appeal, so that just makes us look bad,” continues Howard. “I don’t want my customers to think it’s not a safe area because we are pretty safe.”

Howard would like to see the city beef up security in Indy’s busiest areas. While he has contemplated whether to keep his shop downtown, he remains optimistic that the area can still flourish.

“I just want the other business owners downtown to know not to give up completely,” said Howard. “We don’t want to abandon downtown. Me, and other business like me, are innovative.”

Howard says he plans to reinforce his windows in the future.

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