Weekend festivals bring thousands of visitors into downtown Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS (June 12, 2015)– Dozens of volunteers add the final touches to the Indy Pride Festival set up at War Memorial Park, working hard to get all of the equipment in place before 100,000 people arrive Saturday morning to partake in the Circle City Indy Pride Fest. 

“Everyone true has been 100 percent helpful and understanding. So, now that Pride is here and we are smiles all the way around,” says Brett Michael of Indy Pride Fest.

Organizers expect to eventually outgrow the mall. Pushing the celebration into other areas of the city. This year Indy Pride has received an overload of support from local businesses and has sold out of spots for vendors. This weekend is set to be the busiest festival weekend of the year in Indianapolis. Five major events are planned around the city, combining food, fun and activities.

Italian Street Feet at Holy Rosary Catholic Church is the most attended church fest in Indy. Complete with over 800 gallons of pasta sauces and 20,000 meatballs. 

“It all happens in the church basement. We have a kitchen that originates from the inception of the church. We make it work with all of the hands on deck. It comes out really well,” says Liz Fiato, an organizer of the festival.

PBS Kids in the park, INDIEana Handicraft Exchange and the Talbott Street Art Fair are also happening this weekend–giving everyone something to do and eat in Indy.

“I think it is a great thing to have different festivals going on. People get the flavor of everything and all that marching and all of the music that they are going to have….people are going to be hungry. So they are going to want to come down here,” said Fiato.

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