Wednesday Weather


Varying amounts of cumulus clouds and sunshine all around central Indiana Tuesday afternoon. Many of the cumulus clouds developed in showers and thunderstorms. Widely scattered rainfall and brief relief from the hot and humid conditions.

Another day with above average temperatures hotter then 90 all around Indiana today. 6 of 7 days in July hotter than 90 so far. Unfortunately, more to come.

Isolated showers hang around for a couple more hours and then dissipate.

It stays steamy through the evening and overnight.

FutureView shows isolates showers developing again Wednesday afternoon. Then the showers will dissipate Wednesday evening.

Today, we are still in the middle of the hot humid air that extends almost from coast to coast. There is an end in sight to this pattern that has been around for more than a week.

The wind flow pattern begins to shift Friday. The northwest flow should lower the temperature and humidity a bit through the weekend. Then signs point to a return of hot and humid weather next week.

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