‘We have a story we’ll never forget’: Rescue helicopter disrupts couple’s beach wedding

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MALIBU, Calif. (May 5, 2015) – It looked like a Kansas City couple would indeed get that dream beach wedding they’d always wanted.

Then the rescue helicopter showed up.

But David and Jihan Chesher are taking it all in stride. The couple flew all the way from Pleasant Valley, Mo., to Malibu, Calif., for an unforgettable day made even more surreal by the sudden appearance of the rescue chopper.

On a cliff behind their wedding, a rock climber needed help, prompting the helicopter rescue crew. The man later came to apologize to the couple.

“He’s apologized to me again, he offered to buy me a gift. (I told him) you’ve given us a gift, this was enough, like, we have a story we’ll never forget,” David told KSHB.

“And it was just a really funny situation. I get that some people might freak out…but I have no control over that helicopter in the air, so it was just funny at that point,” Jihan said.

The couple also received an email from the Los Angeles Fire Department apologizing for disrupting their wedding.

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