Thursday was a sunny warm day with a high of 80° and an air quality alert was issued for several counties across central Indiana, including Marion county. The combination of sunny skies, warm temperatures and light winds lead to very high levels of ozone near the surface. Air Quality Alert will also be in effect for Friday. A few ways you can help limit ozone production are by using public transportation or carpooling to your destinations today. If you have a gas powered lawn mower, wait to mow until after 7pm and also wait to refuel your vehicle until after that time as well.

Clouds will increase tonight, leading us into our next chance of rain which comes Friday. In spite of the cloud cover the warmup will continue and Friday could be our third, 80° day of the month and of the year. Rain chances will be very minimal tomorrow but a few isolated light showers around from the morning through the evening are possible. Most will stay completely dry.

Rain chances ramp up Saturday night into Sunday. This system has slowed down a bit and the track of the low associated with it has shifted a little farther south. This will lead to rain chances lasting longer into the day on Sunday as well as a few showers lingering into Monday. In addition to the rain temperatures will gradually cool down. We’ll go from highs in the 70s to highs in the 50s, with lows in the 30s.

We’ll have a few isolated showers Friday.

Our warm weather will continue through Saturday.

Temperatures will cool down by Sunday.

Rain chances increase late Saturday through Sunday.