Take a look at this: Payless punks fashionistas with fake luxury store

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Payless Shoes, you know, the “You could pay more, but why” store, finally found a good reason to pay more — punking social media influencers.

The retailer set a up a fake luxury shoe store called “Palessi”and loaded it with their discount footwear priced ridiculously high.

Then, they invited prominent social media fashionistas , who waxed poetic about the “sophisticated footwear” made with “high quality materials”.

They payed $200, $400, even $600 for shoes normally priced between 20 and 40 bucks.

Eventually, Payless let them in on the joke, refunded their money and even let them keep the shoes.

The company plans on using the footage for a series of upcoming ads.

A dog digging for bones in a Washington back yard made a mammoth discovery — like a literal mammoth discovery.

Kirk Lacewell says his yellow lab, Scout, dug up what he thought was a rock but the next day, Lacewell took a closer look.

“Part of it looked like bone,” he says.

Local experts examined the find and confirmed it was part of a 13,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth.

They say mammoths were prevalent in the region during the ice age.

The fossilized tooth is no longer the property of Scout and will now be kept safe in Lacewell’s house — no bones about it.

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