Take a look at this: Coyote sneaks into boat show

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Authorities had to deal with an uninvited guest that snuck into a Nashville convention center.

The wild coyote entered a music city center exhibition hall where a boat show was being prepped.

It was later found perched on a bathroom counter.

Animal Control officials were able to safely capture it and release it back into the wild.

Experts say these encounters are becoming more common as the expanding city forces more animals from their habitats.

A Maryland seafood shop has hit the lobster lottery.

When taking in a shipment of fresh caught lobsters from Maine, the owner of Ocean City Seafood made a startling discovery — a calico lobster.

These spotted lobsters are extremely rare — one in 30 million rare.

The shop named the celebrity shellfish “Eve” and she’s no longer for sale. The owner says aquariums in Atlanta and Boston have already expressed interest in adopting her.

The clicks have been counted — the most-liked photo on Instagram ever is a brown egg.

The post went up on Jan. 4, challenging followers to help it beat the previous record holder.

It has nearly 40 million likes, and counting.

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