Single mom brings toddler to Devry University class, professor hold s him during lecture


Photo credit: Amanda Osborn via WKRN-TV

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NASHVILLE, Ind. (September 23, 2015) – A single mother and student at Devry University in Nashville was forced to bring her son with her to class when she couldn’t find daycare.

She was concerned that her son would cause a disturbance, but her professor’s acceptance was much more than she ever imagined.

Amanda Osborn, 21, told WKRN-TV that her son Xavier who is almost two-years-old got up during class and wanted to be held by the professor.

Professor Joel Bunkowske, who Osborn describes as “amazing, patient, and kind,” picked up Xavier without any hesitation, and he continued to teach the class.

Osborn told WKRN-TV that she was embarrassed at first, but then Professor Bunkowske said that everyone struggles and it’s okay.

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