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The Indiana Pacers have revealed their ’22-’23 city edition jerseys and the internet has… not been kind.

The Pacers stated the blue, black, and gold trussed jerseys were inspired not by the city of Indianapolis itself but by the Gainbridge Fieldhouse. The jerseys were meant to “celebrate every detail of the Fieldhouse of the Future” including the gold truss of the arena’s distinct structure along with harkening back to the flipper board of the Fieldhouse of yore.

The Score had a slightly different take, saying the jerseys felt inspired by everyone’s favorite construction support beam: the girder.

22-23 Nike Indiana Pacers City Edition uniform | Image via Indiana Pacers

Disappointment in the jersey design wasn’t hard to find on Twitter, with many taking to the social media platform to express their disdain for the Pacers jersey and ranking it among the worst of the 30 NBA city edition jerseys that were revealed league-wide.

“At the start of every year the pacers brass huddle up in a conference room and ask ‘how can we make our city edition jerseys even worse this time around?'” tweeted @whackhumanbeing.

Another user responded, “And every year they succeed.”

Barstool Indy asked for thoughts on the new jersey with one response likening the design to that of a first grader.

Twitter user Dr. Tim Zijlstra gave the designers a little more credit. “It looks like a 16-year-old intern had a go at MS Paint, I’ve not met a single Pacers fan who’s impressed…”

Hey, better than a first-grader at least.

While some settled on “horrendous”, “sucks”, or “pretty bad.” Others took it even further.

“Those new “City Edition” Pacers jerseys are @$$!!!” tweeted Chris James.

Elsewhere in the ether of the internet universe, many sports sites took to ranking all 30 of the NBA teams ’22-’23 city edition jerseys.

Sports Illustrated was slightly kinder than the folks of Twitter in their rankings of all 30 NBA city edition jerseys.

The Pacers landed at 26.

CBS Sports didn’t lend much love to the Pacers either, ranking their city editions at 24.

Yahoo! sports went against the curve, however, and gave the Pacers jersey a rarer positive ranking in their roundup, placing them at 15. Though Yahoo did mention the “odd” design and related the jerseys to looking like “a pair of overalls.”

“I don’t see the draw of shouting out your stadium, where you’ve won no championships,” Yahoo stingingly wrote.

Twitch streamer Okaydrain had the Pacer’s back, however, naming them in his top four out of all the NBA teams’ city edition jerseys for this season.

SBNation listed the Pacers as part of their C Tier, stating “The sectioned off blue makes it look like they stitched two jerseys together, and it’s really weird looking. I like the idea, just would execute it differently.”

The LA Times called the Pacers jerseys “a wearable conversation piece.” Which seems… polite?

But while the Pacers Gainbridge Fieldhouse inspired jerseys may not be lighting the world on fire with praise, Pacers fans need only remember that things could be worse.

They could be Charlotte Hornets fans and watch their players take the court in these jerseys, which made some very, uh, questionable letter choices…

Silver linings.