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LAFAYETTE, Ind– A photographer is going viral after an experiment she tried over the weekend.

McCaffry Photography, LLC set up two strangers for a blind date. They asked for models and picked their candidates in April.

“I saw one probably a couple years ago and I thought, you know, I really want to do one of those and I have just never had the time,” Lindsey McCaffry said. “Now that we’ve had quarantine and everything else, my schedule just freed up.”

McCaffry photographed as her clients stepped out of their vehicles, blindfolded, and saw each other for the first time.

“It turned out really good,” she laughed. “It was nerve racking for all of us because of course, we’re thinking they’re going to see each other and what if one of them bolts? This could be crazy.”

That didn’t happen.

The pair was photographed as though they had known each other for years.

“Their chemistry was amazing,” McCaffry said. “It has been wild.”

The strangers were captured while sitting on a motorcycle and while in a creek.

“Photographers are saying that connection is undeniable, you cannot fake that. I’ve been taking pictures for years and years of people and you cannot make two people come together on camera and fake a chemistry like they have!”

McCaffry said she saw the heat behind the lens as well.

“I wanted to tell a story,” she explained. “You can even tell on the motorcycle pictures, they were a little uncomfortable. They were feeling each other out, like, this is so weird, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. But as they progressed, you see them relax and it really does tell a story of a true blind date. You’re nervous, you don’t know what to expect and by the end of it, if it goes well, you’re relaxed and having a good time.”

McCaffry said she, along with the strangers, have been bombarded with messages since she posted the photos. As of Monday morning, the album had been shared 48,000 times and liked 38,000 times.

CBS4 asked one of the participants whether she and the blind date had been in touch. She said they only texted a little bit since the shoot, but that they planned to reconnect soon.