Father uses 3D printer to make new hand for daughter with Poland syndrome

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MINT HILL, NC (March 11, 2015) – Brett Ford’s daughter Raegan was born with a birth defect called Poland Syndrome. She was born with just seven fingers.

Throughout the years, Brett has made many gadgets for Raegan to make her life easier. But his newest creation takes the cake.

According to WDAM, Brett purchased a 3D printer kit online and spent 30 hours putting it together. With that 3D printer kit he made a glove-like hand for Reagan. It took many hours for the printer to make the hand layer by layer, but now that it’s done he’s hoping her life will change for the better.

Brett told WDAM, “It’s just the love of a father to his children, that’s the only reason. If you don’t have any children, I can’t explain it.”

Brett says his favorite payoff was when his daughter sent him a video of her using the hand to toss a ball.

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