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DALEVILLE — Daleville Community Schools says they are investigating after a photo showing students forming what appears to be a swastika on the high school gym floor was posted to social media.

In the photo, eight student lay on the floor in the shape of the swastika while one student stands in the middle. All of the students have their arms raised in an apparent Nazi salute.

Daleville Community Schools will not tolerate acts of racism, bias, unlawful harassment, or discrimination of any kind and we are profoundly disappointed and shocked by the apparent actions of the students as depicted in the images we have seen posted on social media. 

This type of insensitive behavior is devastating to our school community and in no way does this incident represent the high expectations we have for our students, teachers, staff, and administrators.

Superintendent Paul Garrison

Officials will determine the next course of action after the investigation is complete. Student or staff members with information about this incident are urged to contact their school principal or the superintendent.