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Update (Oct. 26, 2018)– Vice Pumpkin Pence has arrived at the home.

CARMEL, Ind.– A home in Carmel is getting into the Halloween spirit and poking fun at President Donald Trump.

People driving by have been stopping and taking selfies with the scarecrow, which is outfitted in a suit with a red tie and has a pumpkin head carved to look as though it is yelling. The pumpkin is topped with straw for hair. The scarecrow also features very small hands.

The home is located near on Main Street just west of the Arts and Design District.

“Pumpkin Trump” hasn’t garnered any complaints, according to a Carmel city official. The homeowner told the official he was thinking about adding in another scarecrow for Vice President Mike Pence.

A Facebook fan who sent a photo of the scarecrow to us said the display didn’t bother him.

“It’s hilarious!” said Ryan Rivera. “It makes me laugh that people think of our president this way to make a scarecrow of Trump!”