66 pounds of oranges eaten at Chinese airport to avoid baggage fees


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YUNNAN PROVINCE, China — Four men who traveled through China’s Kunming airport last month may never want to eat oranges again.

The Global Times reported that the men tried to bring a giant box of oranges back from a business trip in the Yunnan Province.

The men were told it would cost about 300 yuan or about $46 to transport the 66 pounds of oranges by plane.

The group then decided to eat the entire box of oranges to avoid the fees.

“We just stood there and ate the whole thing up. It took about 20-30 minutes,” one of the men told the Global Times.

After all that citrus was consumed, it reportedly left painful sores in their mouth.

One of the travelers said to the Global Times that he’s had his fill of the fruit forever.

The man declared, “We never want to have any oranges again.”

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