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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A man was robbed at gunpoint in his own backyard, in the same neighborhood where IMPD detectives are investigating a series of recent shootings that left two people dead in less than one week.

“He had a gun,” said the victim.

Surveillance cameras were rolling as the 27-year-old victim was held at gunpoint in the 2900 block of Stuart after a man snuck up on him while he was working on his car.

“He kept pushing my face into the ground,” said the victim.

The surveillance video shows the armed man walking between the cars, his face covered by a coat. Within just a few seconds, the victim is pushed to the ground and robbed. The man took off with the victim’s wallet, phone, and license.

“I didn’t have nothing, but he had a gun,” said the victim.

As police continue to work this armed robbery, the department is already investigating two fatal shootings that happened just steps away, near 30th and Stuart.

“The police every day they are checking my home,” said the victim.

According to IMPD, there were three shootings in the same neighborhood in five days. Two of those shootings were on Stuart Street. Neighbors hope the police presence can stop future crimes on their street.

At this time, police are still investigating the murders and the armed robbery. If you have information on these crimes call IMPD or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.