VIDEO: Shelbyville officer and resident share special friendship

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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – A Shelbyville police officer is sharing a heartwarming video about his best lunch break ever.

Officer Jeremy O’Connor has served as an officer for nearly a decade. He met student Casey Maurer several years ago while working as a school resource officer at Shelbyville High School. O’Connor says Maurer loved seeing the officers in school, and he would always stop by the office for hugs and high-fives.

Last week O’Connor saw Maurer while he was working. Maurer gave O’Connor a big hug and asked if he could have a ride in the squad car. O’Connor received permission from Maurer’s mom and his supervisor, and he picked him up during his lunch break.

O’Connor drove around with Maurer for a while, and then they “looked for bad guys” in a local car lot. Later, O’Connor treated Maurer to ice cream.

“This was the best way I’ve spent my lunch break the entire time I’ve been a police officer,” said O’Connor.

O’Connor says Maurer is the most high-spirited person he’s ever met. He posted the video to show that police officers truly love and care about the communities they serve, and there are people out there that love their officers just as much.

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