INDIANAPOLIS — A massive gust of flames was captured on security cameras after a dump truck hit an overpass on the near east side of Indianapolis, causing an impact so powerful it appeared to shake nearby buildings.

The truck hit a bridge over E. New York Street with an 11’8″ clearance just before 8 a.m. Monday.

Surveillance cameras posted outside of Superior Towing on E. Vermont Street show massive flames billowing out from under the bridge in the immediate seconds after the impact.

Mark Salcedo Jr., whose family owns the towing business, said usually once or twice a month, a truck driver passes through the area, underestimates the vehicle’s height, and collides into the bottom of the overpass.

Salcedo lives in a house next to the business and said he was upstairs getting ready for work when the impact of the crash caused the house to shake so much it “almost knocked me over.”

He says he’s lived in the house for eight years, and Monday’s crash was the “second worst” he’s experienced since living there. He says it comes second only to when a cement truck hit the overpass.

The Indianapolis Fire Department responded to the fire, and police said an investigation is active and ongoing.

It’s believed no one was seriously hurt in the fire.

Salcedo says he saw the truck driver walking around after the flames died down.

His advice for drivers? “Know your height.”