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INDIANAPOLIS — A man is dead and a woman injured after the pair was shot in their car early Saturday morning outside the Lakeview Terrace Apartments near Post Road. 

Police are calling upon the public for help – if you know anything about what happened they’d like to hear from you in regards to this shooting and another which happened near the same location four months prior.

It’s been nearly four months to the day since 22-year-old Justice Wills and 18-year-old Eric Colvin were both killed at the Lakeview Terrace Apartments – Wills mother, Dana Croom continues to look for answers.

“I miss him a great deal… I really do,” Croom said. “He was 22-years-old and had his whole life ahead of him and I have been robbed of all that time that I should’ve been able to spend with my child.”

June 28th 2021, 11:45 p.m. IMPD responded to a dual shooting at the Lakeview Terrace Apartments.

A sign bearing the faces of Croom’s son Justice and Eric Colvin still stands near the corner of Woodsmall Drive and Mitthoffer Road where both men were found shot to death in their car. 

“People drive past that every. single. day,” Croom said. “Somebody knows something somewhere… and until people start speaking up and saying something about what is happening in our community – it’s gonna continue to happen.”

But still, no one has come forward with answers despite an enlarged reward from the family. 

“We have organized a foundation and raised hundreds of dollars on top of the $1,000 reward offered by Crime Stoppers for tips,” Croom said. “If no one comes forward, eventually the money will allow us to build a basketball court and park in memoriam of Justice. He was funny, he was charismatic, he was silly, you know? He always tried to lighten up the situation or the mood, he would like this.”

Saturday October 23rd, 1:00 a.m. IMPD responds to a dual shooting at the Lakeview Terrace Apartments which left one man dead and a woman injured both found shot in their car. 

“Today when I seen that story I was instantly angry… because it did not have to happen, now there’s another family, another two families, who have to now deal with what has happened… this other mother has also lost her son,” Croom said. “It’s very… coincidental that it happened in the same apartments in the same manner.”

Despite the similarities in both scenes, police tell Croom they donate believe the cases are related… but they still need your help to solve them.

“The one thing I do need to stress is that we need the public’s help to help solve this,” IMPD Southeast District & Nightwatch Captain Don Weilhammer said. “We’re urging anybody with information to contact Detective Craciunoiu at 317-327-3475, or if they wish to remain anonymous contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-262-TIPS.” 

“I just really hope that IMPD does what they need to do to find the person that’s responsible not only for the deaths of my child and Eric but also for this other young man as well,” Croom said. “I’m angry at the public for not coming forward.”

Angry that no one has come forward. Angry over the loss of her son and angry… that no answers can bring him back. 

“I don’t know what people mean by “closure” because it, because, it will never bring my son back… and that’s ultimately what I want,” Croom said. “But also I want for you to be removed from society so you are not capable of doing this to anyone else… but at the same time, I’m not really gonna find any comfort in that. I just want my son to be here.”