Victim offers deal to thieves who stole $7,000 worth of tools

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – A Hamilton County business owner is offering a deal to the thieves that stole his tools.  He won’t get the police involved if the thieves bring his tools back and have a talk with him.

“My desire is not for them to get locked up in jail; my desire is to fix why they did this in the first place,” said Chad Thomas, owner of Limitless Woodworking.

Sometime late Friday night or early Saturday morning, thieves broke into Thomas’s workshop.  They pried out the only window in the workshop and went straight for the tools, $7,000 worth of them.

“I think they had to have a vehicle because they took a lot of stuff they couldn’t have taken it all on foot, there’s no way,” said Thomas.

The tools were more than just money to Thomas, he depends on them to make a living.  About a year ago, Thomas turned his side job into a full-time job.

“It’s an extremely risky move especially when you’re having a baby, your wife quits her job, and you’re starting a brand new business,” said Thomas.

There are already orders placed for the next six weeks.  No tools mean no work.  No work means no money for Thomas’s family.  The business owner was forced to pay up to replace some of them.

“I still have another $2,000 in tools that I don’t have the money to buy, so I just got what would get me by right now,” said Thomas.

After the incident, security cameras and lights were installed.

“I hate to have to do it but it seems now that I really don’t have a choice,” said Thomas.

The choice Thomas did have was to be compassionate.

“In my heart, I’m not even mad at the people, whatsoever,” says Thomas.

If you know anything about this crime you are asked to call the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

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