HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind.- For nearly three decades, there’s been one Jane Doe case in Hancock County.  Grainy scene footage pulled from a VHS tape is labeled with the date: October 18, 1994. On that day, Hancock County deputies were called out to County Road 500 South, east of State Road 9.

There, someone found remains under a bridge, which had likely been there for a couple months.  Years later and with few clues coming in, this case went cold.

“We always wondered who she was? Where was she from? What was her name,” said Ted Munden, Captain with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.

An artist even created a clay rendering of what the woman may have looked like using her bones.  Updated technology combined with genealogy DNA testing and finally decades later, this Jane Doe had a match.

“Her name is Doreen Tiedman,” said Captain Munden.

Doreen would’ve been 34-years-old when she was killed.  She’s from Cleveland, Ohio and was reported missing in May of 1996.

“She was described by her family as being free spirited. She didn’t like to stay in one place for too long. She was known to travel throughout the United States,” said Captain Munden.

Doreen was known to hitchhike, many times with truck drivers. Foul play is suspected in this case and investigators need more clues to figure out what happened to her.

“We need the public’s help, if anybody across the United States because we don’t know where she frequenting prior to her death, knows something, we’d love to know,” said Captain Munden.

For decades the evidence remained filed away and piled up.  This is no longer a Jane Doe case, now this is Doreen Tiedman’s case.  Doreen’s relatives are finally getting a bit of closure but still left waiting on more answers.

“It’s our job. For the family, that’s the main thing. Their loved one was gone for almost 29 years now and they never knew what happened , that’s the reason you keep pushing,” said Captain Munden.

If you know anything about the disappearance or death of Doreen Tiedman, call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at (317) 477-1199.