Victim and family talk about Saturday funeral shooting


INDIANAPOLIS — Two girls injured in a shooting outside a funeral home Saturday are continuing to recover.

16-year-old Jamese Cox and her cousin, 4-year-old Azaria Glasper, were both hit by the same stray bullet.

An IMPD spokesperson said the suspect started firing outside of a funeral home. Jamese and Azaria had just left the funeral, it was for one of their family members.

Jamese said she had just given someone a hug when she heard the gunshots. She said she got low and started to check on her siblings and cousins as bullets were still flying. When she went to check on Azari, she got hit.

“I didn’t know I was shot, it just felt like a big wind hit me,” Jamese said.

She said she fell to the ground, while another cousin rushed over to apply pressure to her gunshot wound.

“So, she takes off her sweater and she just pushes it right there,” Jamese said as she pointed to just under her left shoulder where the bullet hit her.

Jamese said doctors said that her cousin probably saved her life.

“The blood would’ve all got out, and I would’ve been… not here right now,” Jamese said.

A split-second before Jamese had been struck, four-year-old Azaria was hit by the same bullet. Azaria’s mother, Brittia Williams, said the bullet deeply grazed her daughters head before landing in Jamese’s chest.

Williams said she looked in the backseat of her car and saw her daughter had been hit.

“My baby’s head is leaning over, there is blood coming from her and her mouth is open,” Williams said.

Williams said her stepfather got behind the wheel of the car as she applied pressure to her daughter’s head in the backseat. As they began to head to the hospital, they saw an ambulance and flagged it down.

Williams said she then passed her daughter off to the paramedics inside. She said during the entire process her daughter stayed awake.

“She’s so strong, you know? it’s amazing,” Williams said.

Azaria has been in the hospital since then. Brittia said she has frontal lobe damage, but doctors are really impressed with her recovery so far.

Azaria’s father hasn’t left her side since she got to the hospital.

“Making sure she’s feeling our heartbeat, while we’re next to her, just so she knows we are there with her,” Brittia said.

They’re hoping Azaria will only have to be in the hospital for about another week.

Jamese just got out Thursday, she’s recovering at home now. The bullet punctured a lung, broke two of her ribs and is still inside of her. Doctors told her it’s too dangerous to remove it so it’ll have to come out on it’s own.

In this year of record-breaking violence, Jamese’s mother, Jessica Robinson, said she hopes their story shows people the dangers of gun violence.

“Put the guns down, open your mouths and let’s hug and love on one another,” Robinson said.

Now, they’re hoping the person who did this turns themself in.

“To that man… be a man… and face your consequences for what you have done,” Brittia said.

An IMPD spokesperson said they have no updates right now about the investigation.

Brittia has set up a GoFundMe to help with Azaria’s hospital bills, you can donate here. A GoFundMe has also been setup to help Jamese’s family pay for her bills and recovery.

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