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Editor’s note: In a previous version of this story we reported there were three thieves, but actually, police say they are searching for two suspects.

AVON, Ind. — Avon police are searching for two crooks who broke into a gun store early Thursday morning at Fort Liberty Firearms on Highway 36.

The suspects broke the glass door and forced their way inside. The business closed for the day to make repairs, but the owner says once the thieves got inside, they were likely disappointed by what they found.

The glass shelves are empty, but not because any guns were stolen from this store.

Photo of 2 people accused of breaking into gun store courtesy of Avon police

“When we’re not here everything is locked up at night,” said owner Doug Hunter. “When they walked in, they looked at the cases and saw there was nothing here.”

Doug Hunter, one of the owners at Fort Liberty Firearms, says during the early morning break-in the thieves quickly realized there were no guns to steal so instead they broke one glass case, stole a couple random items and ran away.

“Nobody was hurt, and nobody is going to be hurt as a result of firearms going out on the street,” said Hunter.

Doug says every night his employees lock all their firearms into large safes and takes pride in being a responsible gun store owner.

“All the serialized items it takes us time in the morning and takes us time at night because everything gets locked up. That’s one of the things that allows me to sleep at night, knowing that when I’m not here there’s no opportunity something is going to get out on the street to affect the community,” said Hunter.

The fact is gun stores everywhere can be a target for thieves. For example, back in July, a group of crooks stole dozens of weapons from a store in New Whiteland. Last year a different pair of suspects stole several guns from a dealer in Columbus. That’s why Doug says every gun shop should at least consider securing their weapons after hours.

“I don’t know it should be a requirement, but if it happens enough to other shops it might be a good business model for them to go out there and start locking things up at night,” said Hunter.

Anyone with information on the suspects can contact Avon police.