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UPDATE (May 15, 2017)– A jury found John Sturman not guilty on all counts.

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INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 7, 2015) – An Indianapolis doctor faces reckless homicide charges after prosecutors say he overprescribed pain medicine, resulting in the deaths of patients.

John K. Sturman faces an additional 16 counts of issuing invalid prescription drugs. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced the charges Friday.

Sturman operated a clinic at the Indiana University Hospital but lost his admitting privileges for failing to complete medical charting and documentation of patient visits.

According to court documents, Sturman prescribed large amounts of pain management medicine from 2008 to 2012 that was “outside the usual course of medical care.” An investigation launched in 2012 found Sturman prescribed pain medicine without establishing a “legitimate medical foundation for the use of high dose narcotics.”

At least three patients died from drug intoxication, overdose or related causes. Those patients all had filled a prescription from Sturman within 30 days of their deaths.

Prosecutors accuse Sturman of prescribing medicine for addiction instead of the treatment of pain.