Universities requiring negative COVID-19 tests for students to return


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — As students head back to local colleges for in person studies this Fall, universities are requiring negative COVID-19 tests for students to get back on campus.

“I took mine at Purdue,” details Christian Nichols who is already on campus, “They provided the test for me, but a lot of people have mailed their test in to come in in the fall.”

So far, Purdue has seen a whopping 99% of their students test negative. Only 133 students out of more than 15,000 have been positive. The school plans for roughly 40,000 students to be tested before the year begins. Of course, these numbers could change as students return to campus and begin to interact with the community.

“They had a mindset of returning regardless, and this was the best that they could put out for the plan to come back. In theory it sounds good, but we know that students are going to do what they are going to do,” says Nichols, “I will probably refrain from using any Purdue sanctioned study spaces even if they are open. I will just be studying in my own home.”

Purdue has closed most of their school sponsored on campus events. As part of their back to school plans, masks must be worn in all buildings. Classrooms and dormitories have been de-densified to increase social distancing.

At Indiana University (IU) students also must have a negative test 10 days prior to school. They are also being tested on campus before being allowed to move in.

“They had everyone stay in their car, and they had to take a COVID test,” explains David Wolfe Bender, an incoming freshman at IU, “We did it ourselves, then we waited in our cars until the test results came back.”

Purdue is offering free pre-arrival testing. As for IU, free testing will be available during the semester.

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