Uber driver ramps up trailer, crashes into tool box while crews working on-site in Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — “An interesting Friday” is how the Wayne Township Fire Department described a night where an Uber driver inadvertently drove up onto a flatbed semi trailer while crews were in the middle of hoisting a 3200 gallon fuel tank out of a sink hole.

According to Captain Mike Pruitt of the WTFD, the sinkhole was discovered around 6 p.m. Friday, after Hazmat crews were called due to a possible fuel leak in the 1700 block of Stout Field E Drive. That’s when they discovered the large fuel tank sinking into a hole created by a 12″ broken water main.

As crews were working into the evening to lift the tank from the sinkhole with the assistance of a crane, the flatbed semi trailer – which was used to haul the crane to scene  – was struck by an Uber driver.

Pruitt said the driver’s Chevrolet car hit the rear loading ramps of the trailer, going airborne before crashing into the large toolbox located on the end of the trailer.

The driver of the vehicle then stepped out of his car, and not realizing he had come to stop on an elevated trailer, fell off the trailer onto the ground below. Crews immediately rendered care to the driver and transported him in stable condition to the hospital.

Pruitt stated the Uber driver wasn’t the only distraction throughout the six hour affair of lifting the fuel tank out of the sinkhole. At another point, an irate individual arrived on scene and began an altercation with a business employee. The irate individual left the scene once police were called.

The fuel tank was eventually lifted out of the sinkhole after Zores Towing was called for assistance, as the original crane brought to scene proved unable to lift the 3200 gallon fuel tank.

Pruitt stated despite the process lasting until midnight, no fuel was released and the broken water main was secured.

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