Two teens accused of burglary spree targeting church, local youth sports groups

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Two Indianapolis teens were arrested following a trio of overnight burglaries.

Police believe the pair targeted a church and two local sports groups before being caught.

Early Friday morning, two thieves tore a hole in the roof of a shed near Wheeler Elementary, all so they could steal a few bucks worth of candy and drinks.

“They did more structural damage than anything else,” said Jason Seaver.

Seaver says the damaged shed is used by Speedway Youth Soccer.

“It breaks my heart honestly,” said Seaver. “We want to develop our community and especially our young people. We want to help them grow and become good citizens, so I hope they learn a lesson through all this.”

Police think the same two teens also broke into a nearby concession stand used by little league youth baseball, as well as a small shed behind St. John’s Episcopal Church.

The pair were reportedly spotted by someone walking nearby and quickly arrested by police.

“It’s really kind of sad the mischief kids get into,” said church member Don Roby.

Roby says the teens were trying to steal an expensive tiller used to help grow food in the church garden as part of their food pantry program.

“We provide food for those in need and so trying to steal the tiller used to provide people something to eat is pretty sad. Then, you got youth soccer and baseball for kids to learn to be team players and that’s the ones they targeted? It’s just kinda sad,” said Roby.

At the youth soccer league shed, a volunteer has already offered to fix the roof. For their part, Jason and Don hope the suspects now understand that crime doesn’t pay.

“It’s sad these young people made this choice, but hopefully they’ll learn from it,” said Seaver.

“Maybe the kids that did this will see there’s better things to do than cause mischief,” Roby went on to say.

The suspects are facing charges of theft  vandalism and burglary.

Roby hopes part of their punishment includes volunteering to help some of the groups they tried to steal from.

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