Two dead in three crimes in Fountain Square over the last few days

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A violent weekend in Fountain Square sees two people killed in three crimes between Saturday and Monday morning. Neighbors claim the area has seen a reduction in crime since it became a hotbed of home renovations, but this spree is a reminder that work still needs to be done.

“They are really just trying to build it up, get a lot of businesses in, a lot of younger families moving into the neighborhood,” told Jillian Wanbaugh who works at Nine Lives Cat Cafe and lives in the area. “It's definitely not totally there.”

This morning the body of 38-year-old Robert Buskirk was found on Olive street in a grassy alley between two homes. Police say he died from gunshot wounds. Wanbaugh just arrived at work when the body was discovered nearby the cafe. Below, she takes you through her morning.

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A neighbor showed us surveillance video that spotted a woman running through the alley around 1 a.m. before six gunshots can be heard. A moment later, a man runs through. The neighbor didn't want the video out to the public, but did hand it over to law enforcement.

"It’s been a weekend of concerning activity, and you hope it goes away again," explains Lane Dunigan who lives near the neighbor with the surveillance footage.

Around this same time, employees at a Conoco gas station tell us two men robbed the store at gunpoint. An employee was bound with zip ties, before being punched, and asked to open the register. Employees say the men made off with cash and merchandise. So far, IMPD does not believe the robbery is connected to the dead body.

“With growth comes the growing pains, and maybe those are some of the growing pains," said Fountain Square Brewing General Manager Luke Wilson. "In no way is the Fountain Square area complete by any stretch. [However] it's been a safe neighborhood. We haven’t had to really worry about this in the recent past."

It was just Saturday night that Wanbaugh heard more gunshots near her home. The IMPD was called out to a house on Orange Street. They found a husband and wife shot. Police believe it was an attempted murder suicide. A 63-year-old wife is expected to survive, but her 60-year-old husband died.

“Once a week I'd say, there's fire crackers or car backfirings, so when I hear something I'm just like, 'Ahh okay?'” Wanbaugh says, explaining her reaction to the gunshots. "It's just a really nice area that I think is going to continue to grow despite anything that may happen.”

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