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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — It’s a pain Indianapolis resident Katie Kirkhoff says is hard to describe. “I lost my son last year, August 28, after five weeks, to SIDS.”

After that, Kirkhoff grieved in her own way by turning to the Internet. “Part of that led me down a road of finding out Indiana’s maternal and infant death rates and how high they were,” she said.

She then shared those statistics with her best friend Steffany Stoeffler, who was just as alarmed.

From there, the two best friends made it their mission to make care available to every expectant mother in Indiana.

“With the story, we can make a bigger impact because there’s a different kind of passion behind it,” explained co-founder Stoeffler.

After months of brainstorming, The Little Timmy Project was created.

The goal is to provide care to expectant moms who live in maternal care deserts, where the closest hospital is more than an hour away.

“It’s really shocking to every single person you talk to,” Kirkhoff explained.

To help, the two want to send doctors directly to moms-to-be in a mobile health unit.

“We want to create a space where they can sit down one-on-one with a health care professional and get their questions answered,” Stoffler added.

A place new moms can learn and grow together, right outside their front door.

Right now organizers are still raising money for the mobile health unit or they are hoping an RV will be donated that that they can then renovate.