2 agencies team up to recreate drug task force in Delaware County


INDIANAPOLIS — New measures are being taken in Delaware County to stop the flow of drugs that could impact violent crimes in the community. 

The Muncie Police Department and the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office are re-creating a drug task force. 

“It wouldn’t be unusual to have raids where we’d get a half a kilo, a kilo of cocaine or more, and get major traffickers,” said Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney, Eric Hoffman.

Muncie police and the sheriff’s office working together is not a new concept in Delaware County. For years the two agencies ran a drug task force. That ended in 2008 under decisions made by previous administrations. Now because of recent crimes in Muncie, the unit has been reignited.

“This is a different animal when you combine resources like this, you’re going to get much better results,” said Muncie Police Chief Nathan Sloan.

The two leading men in city and county law enforcement as well as the prosecutor have one common goal.

“We want to build strong cases for them and we’re going to do through intelligent and experienced officers that are knowledgeable in the drug world, and know how to build cases that are prosecutable,” said Sloan.

In February, Muncie had its first triple homicide. Police say the victims were from Detroit. Chief Sloan confirms it was drug related.

“When you’re talking about drugs coming in from Detroit, Chicago, Indy, Cincinnati those are things that we’re looking at,” said Sloan.

A Muncie addiction treatment center that we spoke to said it supports the idea of a drug task force.

And officials say, after all, the end goal is to help the community.

“We see the violence and the death and the overdoses and things like that, that drugs and drug use and drug dealing bring. We don’t want it here,” said Sloan.

“We as a community and the separate law enforcement agencies must work together to get to an end goal which is to keep this community safe,” said Hoffman.

Muncie police say their plan is to start off small and continue to expand once they get to adequate staffing. They also hope to add more neighboring agencies in the future.

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