#Twinning: Christmas in July

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It’s Christmas in July!

Starting a blog is a big undertaking, but then again, so is having a baby.

And…. I’m having TWO babies.!

#Twinning  (eek!)

I’m thrilled, excited, nervous, anxious – ALL the regular mommy emotions.

Allow me a moment to be a “girly girl.”

I never dreamt about my wedding when I was a young girl. Instead, I always daydreamed about being a mom.

I was THAT girl. I was the teacher when my sisters and I played school. I was the boss when we played “business.”  I was the mom when we played house. I always wanted to be in charge, and I always wanted to be the caretaker.

Being a mom has been my lifelong dream.

Like many, it wasn’t the easiest road, but I’m thankful it wasn’t the hardest. And, because I do want to keep some things private, I’ll spare you the ALL the details! :)

Here I am today, my first pregnancy … and it’s TWINS.


We prayed for one and got two!

I think so far my biggest pregnancy “surprise” has been how little energy I truly have every day.  I used to need 6 hours of sleep. Now, I need 10, sometimes 11.
I sometimes I feel guilty about being unable to move 1,000 miles per hour because I always operate at that speed. That’s “normal” for me.

My sister, Lauren, who just had a baby (Auntie Coco loves you Emma!), reminds me it’s God’s way of slowing me down.

“Nicole, you’re nuts,” she tells me. “You always move too fast. God is prepping you for slowing down and especially with two. You’re one of the only people I know who could handle twins because you have so much energy. Use this time to chill out.”

I know…she’s right.

So, I am slowing down. I’m (sadly) unable to volunteer for as many community events, which I LOVE to do. I’m sleeping and eating as much as I can. *More later on the dreaded weight gain with multiples … I about passed out reading how much weight I need to gain!*

I’m so excited for this pregnancy journey – to find out what A & B are >>I think they are 2 boys!<< – and to become a mom.

After all, I’ll finally get to fulfill that childhood dream.

I’d love to hear your pregnancy and parenthood stories.

I will be sharing my journey with you, and I will need ALL the help I can get as I enter this next chapter in my life.

PS – a shout out to my fabulous husband who has been the best supporter during our pregnancy journey AND for being “cool” with me sharing our journey with the internet (and therefore the world.) I bet he never thought marrying a TV journalist came with all of THIS – Thanks Love!


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#Twinning at 15 weeks

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