Tuchman Cleaners abruptly closes, leaves clothes with another dry cleaner

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — With locations across central Indiana, Tuchman Cleaners was once a household name, but that changed when they abruptly closed their doors this year. Their website still lists 11 locations, and some customers are still searching for their belongings.

“It’ll be interesting to see what might be missing,” said Tom Santelli, a loyal Tuchman customer for roughly 20 years.

He stopped by the Zionsville location to drop off clothes, but instead found empty hangers and still conveyor belts in the window. The closing came as a surprise.

“We did not know,” Santelli said. “There were no emails sent out saying they were in the process of closing, they might be closing, any status.”

Santelli says he got an email from Tuchman was last week, but with coupons good for July.

“We might have a pickup because I was dropping this off for my wife, and she said check for clothes,” Santelli said.

A vague sign on the door gives two phone numbers to call for clothes. We tried calling both of them, but both numbers were disconnected.

Fabric Care Cleaners on the west side of Indianapolis says they will open a new location at the former Tuchman location in Plainfield. Manager James Bell says Tuchman gave them the remaining clothes to distribute.

“It’s a very large list, about 8-9 pages of people,” Bell said of their list of pick-ups. “There’s about four racks like this packed at our Brownsburg location which we’ll be moving to Plainfield tomorrow.”

Abrupt closings have left customers hanging out to dry before. It’s an issue the Better Business Bureau says is not uncommon.

“They will just close, really not tell anybody, and walk away from the business and the customer is kinda left hanging at that point,” said Tim Maniscalo, President/ CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana.

The BBB gave Tuchman an “F” rating for unanswered complaints before they closed. While the missing clothes will still be given back, longtime customers are still wondering what happened to their longtime cleaners.

“They always did a great job for us, so we don’t know what the circumstances were or what could be happening,” Santelli said.

If you are still searching for missing clothes, contact Fabric Care at 317-224-3212.

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