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INDIANAPOLIS — Holiday travel is picking up, with more than 16,000 passengers coming through the Indianapolis International Airport some days this week.

With so many travelers making their holiday trips, the Transportation Security Administration is reminding Hoosiers of ways to make it a safe and smooth experience.

First, TSA officials said the process begins by making sure what you bring will be able to go through security.

“It all starts at home, the process of packing is something we should be very conscious of,” said TSA Supervisor Joshua Newkirk. “Anything liquid, gels, aerosols, if you can squeeze it, spread It, spill it, spray it, it more than likely needs to fall under that 3.4 fluid ounce rule.”

“Anything above that is going to result in a search when coming through the security checkpoint and when we have to search a bag that usually slows up the process so whenever anyone is bringing anything prohibited, like the things here on the table, it’s going to slow the process for everyone else,” Newkirk added.

They also recommend putting items that you’re going to have to take out of your bag in easy to reach spots.

Next comes getting to the airport. It’s recommended that anyone taking a domestic flight show up about two hours before your flight. This will help everyone get through security without running the risk of missing their flight.

Add a few more minutes if you will be checking a bag.

And if you’re brining presents, keep in mind if they are wrapped, there is a chance of them getting opened if checked.

“If we can avoid wrapping them prior to coming through screening, bringing the wrapping paper with you so you can wrap it post coming through screening,” said Newkirk. “Or even better option, a gift bag, that way we can just open the bag look in, move the decorative paper through, and call it a day that would probably be the most efficient way to get though with a wrapped present.”

The busiest day of the season so far was Monday, with almost 16,500 passengers coming through the airport.

Right now flight loads are near pre-pandemic levels.

“We want to keep people safe, we want to make sure people are making it safely to their families and friends, and making it safe to those holiday dinners, but definitely a second and very important follow up is to make sure we are extending courtesy and kindness when dealing with passengers,” Newkirk said.

For more information on what you can carry with you and what will be confiscated, you can check the TSA’s website for more information.