Tree trimming service agrees to refund a portion of customer’s money back after CBS4 steps in

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – A family of four is upset after they said they hired a tree trimming company and only received a portion of the work they were promised.

Joshua Tidd is a member of the National Guard. He and his family just recently moved into a new home and decided to get rid of seven trees in their backyard.

“My wife got online and was looking at some tree services,” Tidd recalled. “She came across ArborworX.”

According to documents provided by the family, ArborworX agreed to cut down the trees, grind the stumps and leave the wood chips. On May 12th, Tidd said a crew cut down the trees. He claims while they were there, ArborworX damaged his fence and yard, then left without finishing the work. Eric Rubio, who contracted the job, told the family a belt broke and that they would need to return another day to complete the job. The family paid the company $3,600. After about a month, ArborworX hadn’t been back and Tidd said no one was answering his calls.

“We’ve tried making contact, we’ve tried calling their work phone, his personal phone. No answer,” he told CBS4. “I sent you guys an email because we’ve tried contacting them, they obviously didn’t care to get back with us.”

Tidd called the CBS4 Problem Solvers for help.

While in his backyard, he showed our team the two holes in his yard. He claimed ArborworX left the damage behind after two trees fell in his yard.

“I’ve got two boys, a six-year-old and a two-year-old. We clearly have a playground right here. In between the two holes,” Tidd said. “My worry is that – they’re kids, they’re going to be running around – they’re going to end up stepping in and causing injury.”

Tidd wanted ArborworX to refund him half his payment.

“I don’t want to deal with them,” he said.

CBS4 called ArborworX and very quickly got in touch with  John Schwab, owner of ArborworX. CBS4 asked whether the business would make it right for the customer.

“100 percent,” Schwab said. “We don’t work like that.”

Within a week, the Tidd family and ArborworX had come to an agreement. Because Tidd didn’t want ArborworX to do any more work in his yard, the business dropped off grass seed to fix the holes and agreed to refund a portion of the money.

“We were able to handle this situation like professionals and both of us leaving happy,” ArborworX said in a voicemail.

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