Town pushing for new security cameras to stop vandals

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- After too many hours spent scrubbing graffiti and replacing equipment, the town of New Whiteland has had enough.

“It’s irritating,” said Public Works Superintendent Duane McCauslin. “Knowing that your hard work and efforts put into building a park up and then somebody coming in after the fact, just days later, and just destroying it.”

The town council is working on a solution, new high-tech cameras. The hope is they can catch vandals right as they’re ruining public property at a cost of $72,000.

But council president John Perrin says the investment is worth it.

“Quite a bit of damage has been done to the park at quite a bit of expense to the taxpayers,” said Perrin. “We’re figuring, over the five years, we’ll more than get our money back.”

There are already older cameras like these all around town.

But you can only access the video from a single computer at the police station or you have to physically bring a laptop and connect to them to see what’s happening.

The newer cameras will let police see what’s going on from anywhere at any time.

“The officers being able to see it in real time and the fact that it, the resolution on these cameras is as good as if you’re watching your brand new, 4K TV,” said Perrin. “It will pick up license plates, so if somebody’s going in or going out, you know.”

For Perrin, the work is especially important at Proctor Park. The town will soon be installing another veterans’ memorial.

But someone has already written in the wet concrete for it and ten thousand dollars’ worth of lights around the military flags have been broken before too. That makes Perrin concerned for the new tribute.

“Some of them get pretty emotional when they come and they view the monuments to their time of service,” said McCauslin. “So yeah, it’s real important.”

The town council will get a final contract offer from the camera company soon.

Once they do, they’ll be able to vote on whether to accept it.

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