SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Officials in Speedway are looking for the community’s input on future development plans.

The town was just awarded a $60,000 Comprehensive Planning Grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Officials said that money will go towards Speedway’s new comprehensive plan.

“We’re planning and trying to understand better what our needs are for the next 10 and 25 years,” said Gary Raikes, vice president of Speedway’s Town Council. “We’re here to serve the community. We’re here to serve the people who live here – the people that shop here, work here, et cetera.”

Raikes said the comprehensive plan will act as a road map for the future growth of Speedway over the next decade by helping officials strategically plan for long-term and comprehensive community development projects.

Officials said a large part of the plan will require community input. On Thursday, a tent was set up outside the weekly farmers market at Meadowood Park ahead of Speedway’s Summer Concert Series. Speedway officials were on hand to answer questions and take feedback or suggestions.

“I would like to see more concerts, more diverse concerts,” said Joe McCoy, an Indianapolis resident who frequents Meadowood Park often. “I would [also] like to see more businesses of color be highlighted in Speedway.”

McCoy said he grew up just outside Speedway town limits. He said he has seen the area grow and prosper, and he appreciates the town taking time to hear from residents and visitors.

“I’ve been coming here for like 10 years straight,” said McCoy. “Every summer – working out, walking the park. We go [to] the pavilion, we do exercises – we’ve recruited whole teams of people to work out here.”

On Thursday, McCoy was joined by his close friend, Falon Hurt – a mother who appreciates all of what Speedway Parks has to offer.

“I feel safe. I don’t’ have to worry about any violence,” said Hurt. “I’m able to bring my kids and allow them to play while I exercise so I appreciate that.”

When asked what changes Hurt would like to see in the town of Speedway, she said she wanted more community programs for Hoosiers of all ages.

“A few more things that can be incorporated with the kids I think is very great, because it also brings out the parents,” said Hurt.

The Town of Speedway has hired a consulting team, American Structurepoint, to collect and include community input. Together they created a feedback survey and will be available at the following community events to provide opportunities for public input:

  • Sept. 1: Market in Meadowood and Speedway Summer Concert Series featuring The Last Alpaca
  • Sept. 17: Speedway Chamber Jazz Festival
  • Sept. 22: Speedway Chamber Taste of Speedway
  • Sept. 29: Town of Speedway Community Day & Speedway Police Department National Night Out

Raikes said, roughly 15 years ago, Speedway developed a similar master plan for retail areas near Main Street and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“That plan came true in many many ways and now we’re actually planning all areas of town and we’re planning more than just the retail piece or the commercial piece we were doing then. We’re actually planning roads and streets and parks and other things that we need.”

Raikes said input is being gathered over the next 4-5 months, then the Town of Speedway will put a master plan together consisting of what officials think they can budget for in the next 10-15 years. He said that master plan is expected to be completed by next spring.